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Car Type of Thai call Taxi. 1 Star Price and 4 Star Services of Thai Taxi in Bangkok Airport

Points to Note for the safe journey

* 1 Seat-belt, for 1 Person

* Please fasten your seat belt on riding even without driver's information. 

* During Fill up Gas (CNG, LPG) : Please wait outside car for safety

* No Smoking & No Alcoholic drinks in the vehicle 

Baggage Size (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 

Big Size : 14x20x30 inch (36x50x76 cm)

Small Size : 9x14x19 inch (23x36x48 cm)

Economy Car
Economy car

All Compact cars or Public Taxi

Toyota Vios Level,

Limit : 3 passengers

1 big + 2 small baggage

Sedan Car
Deluxe Sedan - Thailand Airport Taxi

Deluxe & Comfort car

Toyota Camry Level

Limit  : 3 passengers

2 big + 1 small baggage

Family Car
Family car - Thai call Taxi

Wagon type for Family 

Toyota Innova Level

Limit  : 4 passengers

2 big + 2 small luggage

Minibus / Van
Minibus - Thai call taxi

Van for Small Group

Toyota Commuter Level

Limit : 8 seats + 4b + 4s luggage

Total Capacity : Max 1000 Kg

VIP Van-min.png

Deluxe Van for VIP

Hyundai H1 : 5-6 Seats

Commuter VIP Interior : 8 seats

Luggage : up to car model

On Demands
demand car.png

Any Level on your demands

Experienced Services

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Big Bus

Please contact us

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